Magnolia Town
Magnolia Town

Southeast Fiore

Magnolia Town (マグノリア タウン Magunoria Taun) is a city located in Southeast Fiore.


Magnolia has a population of 60,000 inhabitants, and is a merchant city that has been prosperous in Magic since the ancient era. Such reputation was supported by the fact that the town housed the former strongest Guild in Fiore, Fairy Tail. Many jobs are posted directly in Magnolia Town due to its reputation for having many powerful Wizards residing within it. It's town prospers through its magic based economy and water based energy system which gives everyone a comfortable life.


Magnolia is located in the southeastern part of Fiore, with the sea and Hargeon Town not too far to the south, a series of minor built-up areas (namely Onibus, Kunugi, Oshibana and Clover Town) linked to it by a railway line to the north.