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Medical Magic

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Simon Angel

Medical Magic (医療の魔法 Iryō no mahō) is a Caster Magic and Lost Magic that gives the user medical abilities, such as healing other people. Not much is known about this magic, since the only ability demonstrated by the user is the healing of other people. Therefore this is the only ability known.


A type of magic which grants the user healing abilities, which allows them to restore the cells destroyed in an injury by recreating them. Although the healing power granted by Sky Dragon Slayer Magic is extremely high, Medical Magic is easily way more powerful as far as in healing. This can be determined by anyone and isn't hard to notice. While Sky Dragon Slayer Magic was only able to "almost" completely cure any injury it was used on. Medical Magic always recreates the cells from the body back to their original 100% state and maybe even better than it was before depending on the person's body. It can nullify any poison upon contact and can cure many sicknesses and diseases. Something that made this magic extremely formidable is that it's main purpose is for medical abilities, while Sky Dragon Slayer Magic isn't just focused on its healing abilities, and the healing abilities were just spells. This makes it more formidable then that magic because healing Magic is long-lost, and believed to be nonexistent anymore, and Simon Angel, the user, just happens to have this magic with the main power being healing itself.