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Simon Angel (サイモン天使 Saimon tenshi) is a Head Doctor at the local Fiore hospital. He worked his way up to Head Doctor easily due to him being the only one in the world to have Medical Magic is unbelievable, especially at such a young age. Although a doctor, there are suspicions of him being very lethal in combat.


Simon's trademark is a pair of black rimmed circular glasses, that he is rarely seen without. He has onyx eyes and ash-grey hair, which is normally kept in a ponytail that extends to his upper back, with his bangs framing either side of his forehead. I He wears a dark purple shirt with a high collar, a white under-shirt, a beige cloth waistband worn at an angle, dark purple pants, blue sandals, and a medical tool holster on his right leg.


Simon is nice, for the most part. He has respect, but has a trash talking side of him when in competition, often trying to piss his opponent off and get in their head. He likes to see exactly what makes them tick. When against someone with great status, he gains excitement in testing their abilities. As for people who don't have any high or famous reputation; he sees them as inferior and no competition at all.


Not much is known about Simon Angel's history, except for the fact that he applied for to work at a hospital at a very young age. He claims that someone put him up to it, but he won't tell who it was, and that this person so Simon's amazing abilities and potential. Simon easily passed all the medical test and worked his way up to a doctor, easily.

Magic and AbilitiesEdit

Medical Magic (医療の魔法 Iryō no mahō): Simon Angel is an expert with Medical Magic, as he is the only person who has this magic and no one else in history has been documented of having it. Not much is known of this magic since the only ability has shown with it is healing.

  • Heal (癒す Iyasu): This is the only spell known of this magic, since no other abilities have been seen. This spell creates an aura of blue light and recreates the cells that have been destroyed.

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